Accelerating diagnostic procedure

iEEG Clinical is a powerful, new, general-purpose clinical EEG system for use in the hospital setting. Inspired by experts, we have re-imagined the EEG recording system, and the entire workflow of EEG for a modern world, based in the cloud – or in a hospital private cloud.
The iEEG Clinical system is based around an attractive, ergonomically designed cart and Lifelines' amazing R40 amplifier. Its small footprint means it can be rapidly deployed wherever it is needed most.

The patient is our core value

The patient's wellbeing is the benchmark that we use to question, refine and perfect every innovation. Our goal is to extend the boundaries of EEG and optimise patient care. Our innovative use of technology is designed to improve the quality of care and subsequent life of the patient by making the process of diagnosis and treatment quicker, easier, more accurate, more advanced, more comfortable and better than ever before.


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Designed with care for patients, EEG Technicians and Physicians

  • Ability to record EEG in unusual and difficult environments with high quality amplifiers – exceptionally low noise, DC capability, up to 2 kHz sampling rate and high input impedance
  • Ability to turn any room or bed into a monitored location – in fact, we specialize in recording EEG in the most difficult of places
  • Completely new streamlined, beautiful and intuitive software interface - same software interface for use with a variety of different amplifiers
  • One or two HD light weight video camera(s) with IR and/or dome camera(s) with PTZ - Audio available for cameras
  • Lifelines Photic – appreciated worldwide
  • iEEG Cloud Services give the Physician the ability to read Stat live EEG at a moments notice anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited review licenses – free of charge!
  • iEEG Cloud Services means no lost data during review over internet.
  • Robust and beautiful cart – easily transportable
  • Database conversion of other vendors file formats - allowing the user to operate one database for previous and future recordings
  • High standard amplifiers - DC capability and exceptionally low noise
  • Highest levels of data security – data encryption on the recording device, during transfer to the cloud and on the cloud – of course! HIPAA and GDPR ready/compliance optimized.


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London, UK | Dublin, IRL
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©Lifelines Neuro 2020. All rights reserved.

Privacy Statement.