Photic Stimulator

Photic Stimulator


Ideal for photic activation during EEG studies.

The Lifelines Photic Stimulator combines the brightness of a Xenon flash with the utility and ease of use of an LED device. The device has an equivalent lamp shape and brightness to the Grass PS33 whilst being smaller, lighter and more energy efficient by utilizing bright light LED technology.

The disadvantages of Xenon tube lamps are well known. They are heavy mains powered devices that are generally very expensive, whilst posing a potential safety hazard to the patient and operator.


  • Single high-intensity LED and high-efficiency optics
  • 100 mm diameter circular output, with optional front filter
  • 900 lumens max output, 13,000 lux peak at 1 foot/li>
  • Flash rate of 1 – 60Hz continuous, or single manual flash
  • Variable flash intensity in 7 steps
  • Variable flash duration 1 – 10ms and auto duty cycle
  • Power supply either USB or 12 – 15V DC
  • Single I/O connector providing USB power and control signals
  • External power input 12 – 15V DC
  • External trigger input
  • RS232 control signals • Isolated trigger output signal
  • On/Off switch easily accessible
  • Weight : 350g, size : 130 x 130mm
  • Mounting : M8 thread to take spigot and block or handle
  • Arm with desk clamp or floor stand
  • Coloured filters

Features & Benefits

The key features and benefits of the Lifelines photic are as follows:

  • Small, light and self-contained (only 1 box)
    This makes it very much easier to mount the unit on an arm for easy positioning
  • Efficient

Due to the inherent efficiency of modern LEDs, the unit can utilise low voltage DC as a power source

  • No heat
    Due to the efficiency, little internal heat is generated. This allows the unit to operate continuously and without the use of a fan.
  • No noise
    This has very significant physiological advantages in that there is no noise-induced artefact in the EEG.
  • No Safety Hazards
    No heat and low power consumption means much simpler regulatory approval

Lifelines Photic Stimulator kit

Please contact Lifelines for detailed information about Photic Stimulator systems and pricing.

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